Behaviour for Learning


Exercising our Learning Muscles at Goodmayes Primary School

At Goodmayes, one of our school aims is to develop a learning culture in which we help children to develop the habits and behaviours to become better learners.

Our approach to supporting our pupils to develop effective learning behaviours draws upon the work of Guy Claxton Emeritus Professor of Learning Science at the University of Winchester. He described Learning Muscles which we need to exercise to help us develop Learning Power.

Through teaching, discussions, certificates and stickers, we promote and celebrate the children’s progress and engagement in their own learning.

learning muscles

Effective Learning Behaviours in Nursery and Reception

In the Early Years, we have introduced Superheros who encourage children to think about how they learn as well as what they are learning. The children are encouraged to “Have a go” to develop independence, “be a Super Explorer” when provided with new experiences and resources and use their imagination to think of their own ideas.

Behaviour for Learning in Years 1 to 2

In Years 1 to 3, we have introduced fun characters who live in each classroom.  They encourage children to think and talk about their own learning:

Ellie the Exploring Elephant cropped

Ellie the Exploring Elephant

Ellie loves to have a go and take part in new experiences. She can work by herself and in a team.

Ishan the Imaginative Iguana cropped

Ishan the Imaginative Iguana

Ishan can think of his own ideas to solve problems and make decisions about how to approach a task using resources around him.

Wendy the Wise Woodpecker cropped

Wendy the Wise Woodpecker

Wendy always reflects on what she does and ways to improve a task. She can tell you what she is really good at and what she needs to improve on.

Resilient Racoon cropped

Rocky the Resilient Racoon

Rocky keeps trying when faced with a challenge and he never gives up.

Behaviour for Learning in Years 3 to 6

In Years 4 to 6, the pupils have learnt about Learning Power and the four “Learning Muscles” also known as the 4Rs described by Professor Guy Claxton.

resilience 96x135px


Trevor the Sporting Bear

Trevor learns from his mistakes, overcomes difficulties, shows determination and never gives up.  He believes in himself and others.



Frost the Reciprocal Wolf

Frost Collaborates, listens and responds to others. She works with others as a team when hunting and travelling in a pack.



Brainy the Active Thinker

Brainy thinks about what she knows and what she wants to know. She thinks and talks about learning. She evaluates and revises learning and she plans next steps to reach her goals.



Spice the Chef

Spice researches for ideas and inspiration for new ingredients, new techniques and food styles to make delicious meals.

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