Samina Jaffar

Samina Jaffar

Headteacher Welcome

Samina Jaffar

“Give children teaching that is determined, energetic and engaging.  Hold them to high standards.  Expose them to as much as you can, especially the arts.  Recognize the reality of race, poverty and social barriers, but make children understand that barriers don’t have to limit their lives.  Above all, no matter where in the social structure children are coming from, act as if the possibilities are boundless” 

Charles Payne (So Much Reform)

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself to you as the new Headteacher of Goodmayes Primary School and to welcome you to our school website, in which you will find all the information you need about our school. We are a community with a rich diversity of cultures, languages, religions and experiences that make the school an exciting place to be, where children, parents and staff respect each other’s differences and celebrate our commonalities.

In my new role as Headteacher of Goodmayes Primary School, having spent the last 8 years here as both an Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher working alongside my predecessor, Mrs Lopez-Stewart, I take over the reigns with the same commitment and drive to ensure all children at our school receive the best learning opportunities, the knowledge and skills for life in a fast-changing world.  In addition to meeting the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, our curriculum content is relevant to our pupils’ lives and responsive to their interests.

I am passionate and committed to our school’s core values of respect, aspiration, friendship and unity; children are encouraged to live these values in all aspects of school life. I hold a strong child-centred approach to teaching and learning, where consistency, praise, encouragement and challenge are key.  At the heart of our work at Goodmayes Primary School lies the uncompromising belief that all children, regardless of their experiences and backgrounds, have the right to reach their full potential. What we do with our children contributes in determining their life chances and in them making positive contributions to wider society; what we do therefore, must be rooted in excellence.

Goodmayes Primary School has many strengths and through dedication and hard work by the school community, we have achieved great results. My vision is to continue to focus on ensuring teaching and learning are consistently effective, refining our practice in key areas, developing staff and instilling confidence in children to ‘understand that barriers don’t have to limit their lives’.

The educational progress, safety and welfare of every child is my concern as Headteacher; if at any time you have any questions, anxiety or concerns about your child, I am happy to discuss them with you.

I know you have high aspirations for your child’s educational achievements and I look forward to developing a successful partnership that will support you in achieving this. I value your views and am happy to meet with you to discuss any ideas you may have in helping us to further improve our school.

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