Workshops and Training

Parent Workshops

In our school we care for parents as well. Bearing in mind that parenting is a skill in itself, we host Parents Gym workshops. These provide invaluable tips for the Parents/Carers on helping children to be happy, confident and do well. The school is also hosting a variety of short-term courses which equip the parents with skills needed to support the academic development of their child, e.g. Family Maths, Everyday English, Drama and even Spanish! Families participate in Reading workshops with a focus on reading in home languages. Teachers share strategies which enhance the children’s comprehension skills.

Partnership with Parents

At Goodmayes, we believe that working in partnership with parents is vital to support our children to become successful learners and to benefit from the rich and diverse community in which they live.

Home/School Reading

We know that, when children are reading every day at home, they make better progress.  By completing your child’s Home/School reading records, you can provide useful information which can help the teachers plan to meet your child’s interests and needs.

Curriculum Workshops

To help you to understand curriculum expectations and enable you to support your child in his/her  learning, we hold workshops and meetings throughout the year.  We send letters to inform you of these workshops.  You will also find these dates in the school diary.

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